30 days of eggs

In 30 days, I partook on the challenge of creating an original and quirky illustration every day, focused on the fluid and complex form of eggs.
Visual Designer
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Draw
30 days, May to Jun 2019


After going through recruiting season and unfortunately, not having any internship positions offered, I decided to spend my summer exploring and honing in my visual design and illustration skills.

Within 30 days, I challenged myself to create original and quirky illustrations with eggs being the core concept.

The Process

Creating an illustration every day can be time-consuming and requires buckets of creative thinking. I followed a step-by-step process to help me organize my time efficiently and create innovative illustrations — all done to also keep me sane.

01 Look for inspiration.
I collected inspiration from Pinterest and random outings on a daily basis, which I would jot down in my notes. From my board and notes, both would exponentially grow as I continued this project.

02 Sketch
Once I had an idea, I would dabble more into the concept by producing quick sketches on my iPad.

03 Create
Finalizing my sketch, I would import it into my Mac and begin developing the illustration on Illustrator.

04 Post
After finalizing the illustration, I would post the original illustration along with the initial idea sketched up. My initial sketch was not always synced with the final result, but in a way, it brought a new flow of ideas to form while in the process of illustrating.

Learnings and Takeaways

Jumping into this project, I had already expected to expand my illustration skills as well as adding on an additional project into my portfolio. Of course - I also expected that I would be mentally and creatively challenge, expanding my skills beyond the boundaries of comfort.

Looking back, having gone through the phases of burnout, imposter syndrome, artistic creativity, exploration, etc., I have inherently gained a sense of true accomplishment. Over the 30 days, I learned a lot about how I process and structure my mind when working, how I mentally got through the burnouts and stress, and more so about how I refined my skills and efficiency.

Huge Thank You

Thank you to the people in my life who persistently encouraged me to create daily illustrations. Thank you to the people who post tutorials, giving those a creative outlet and learning platform. I am deeply motivated by all the creatives out there, in all mediums, who are consistently and persistently making things in volume.